Family sharing of Strum Machine

My husband (fiddler) and I (bass/mando) have been using SM for a few days and I have built a LOT of songs on it. We have a shared family account on apple but two different passwords, etc. I was wondering how we can share the app so he has all the songs. Right now he is using my iPad but if he wants to use his phone while away, he only gets the temp version. We bought the year plan so obviously don’t need two of them. Thanks for any help.

The Strum Machine iOS app doesn’t support Apple’s Family Sharing feature. But all he needs to do in this situation is log into your account, using your email address. The subscription will work even though he’s logged into the device with his own Apple ID, as long as he’s logged into the app with your shared login email address.

Sweet! We had already done that and it worked, but I didn’t want to be “illegal”. Love this app!!!

I appreciate your high moral standards! I’m totally cool with spouses sharing an account, though. :slightly_smiling_face: