Feature Request: Save Options per song

I would like to have options and preferences saved per song. Here are two use cases:

  1. I play Guitar and Mandolin. So I haver lists of songs I practice for each instrument. Some songs are on both lists. But In guitar I play the song in A at about 85bpm, and on Mandolin I’m not nearly as proficient - so I play it at 60bpm and in D. I’d like each list of the song to have its own key and speed, not app wide.
  2. I’d like to be able to turn on and off per song. On some songs I have another player to play one of the instruments besides the lead. But not the rest of the songs. If I turn off mandolin, for example, its off for every song. I’d like to be able to customize the instrumentation and amount of swing per song.

Thanks@! - loving practicing with this app - I appreciate all the work and though that’s gone into it.

So it sounds like you’re wanting these two things:

List-specific song preferences
I think this will be a bit of a technical challenge, but enough folks have been asking about it that I am going to at least give it my best shot when I get a chance. Most likely it will be an opt-in setting that you can turn on for a particular list, so that the behavior doesn’t change for folks who want it to behave the way it does now.

Song-specific instrument preferences
This will be part of the big strumming patterns update that will be coming out in the first few months of 2022.

Thanks for the reply - yes that’s it. For now I’ll just continue changing the key and tempo each time I switch lists. But ideal, I would like changes made to a song in one list to NOT change the settings in another list. Or as you outlined have the choice to update all instances of the song in my lists or to just update the reference to the song in the list.
As for the technical challenge part - I know you’re up to it. That’s why this is one of my go-to app for practice and fun. Thanks for all your hard work, and I cant wait for the big strumming patterns update. That’s going to be great!

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