Flag or quick playlist

I would love to have a way to quickly flag tunes. A playlist could be used but it is several steps.

I would for example use such feature to quickly flag tunes played in a jam, so I can remember what was played at the end of the jam.

I would also would like to:

  • have a one click/tap flag and unflag
  • have a way to quickly clear all the flags
  • show that a tune is flagged in the main ui
  • being able to show a list of all the flagged tunes
  • keep a flagged time stamp so tunes can be listed in chronological order.



Good idea! I would use this if available.

Interesting idea! Strum Machine actually had something like this way back in the early days, before lists were introduced; there was just a big list of songs in alphabetical order, and you could “star” them to make a list of them. The “lists” functionality replaced this to offer more flexible organization.

I have made a note of this idea. It does bring to mind another idea I had, which is for bulk song selection (“checking off songs”) in the song index and the ability to quickly do things with all selected songs, like adding/removing them from a list. I do recognize that is not equivalent to what you’re suggesting but it may help in some way.