Fret noises

I use Strum Machine to record my songs and I find that by adding ‘fret noises’ to the recording it makes it sound even more authentic (I have downloaded fret noises from FX available online). Would it be possible to included fret noises as an option in this software as I’m sure it would enhance the realism and authenticity even further.

Probably not. For the kind of “open chord” strumming that is Strum Machine’s focus (i.e., bluegrass, fiddle tunes, etc.), there really aren’t many fret noises to be heard since one doesn’t slide up or down the neck, which is why I’ve never considered adding them. With closed chords, you do start to hear fret noises from some players… but this likely goes beyond what Strum Machine is trying to achieve as (primarily) a practice tool. I won’t rule it out completely, though. :slightly_smiling_face: