Full screen used for chords using app

I’ve been using strum machine on a PC (web page) and like that the vast majority of the screen is used to see 16 measures or so of the song being played.
But I’m fairly restricted in the body positions I can use while playing and being able to see the screen clearly
I figured I can use my tablet or phone and Chromecast the screen to my television. But in this case, I get only 8 or so measures because all the menu options are taking up a much larger portion of the screen than the web page does.
Would it be possible to have an option for minimal menu options on the cellphone app so that more measures are visible? Once * have a song configured, I don’t need much menu. Just start and stop.

Are you casting your phone/tablet while it’s in portrait mode? You should be able to see quite a few lines of the chord chart if you are.

If that’s not the issue, a screenshot or photo would be helpful.