Grouping of verses

Hi. Sorry if this is already out there…

I was wondering if there is a way to group 2 or more verses and say “play these 2 or 3 times”.

I don’t want to play the first verse three times and then the next verse three times, but play one after another, then repeat. Otherwise you have to copy them together into one big verse.


Could you just join the verses together and make it look like one

If I understand you correctly, you can just make each verse a separate section. Above each verse in edit mode you can choose whether to repeat or not. That allows you to have different sections to play an arbitrary number of times.

Notice in the image below that while hovering over the menu Reps I get a popup with how many times to play section B Part.

Thanks for the responses.

I understand that I can play each verse a number of times.

However in many songs there is a verse and the chorus after each verse… and they repeat several times. The way it works now you have no choice but to join the verse and the chorus and repeat as one big verse. What I think would be ideal is to “join” two or more parts and repeat them in sequence. Just a suggestion.

But that’s what I do. I make a section for a verse that repeats x times followed by a section for a chorus that repeats x times. You can use and intro section to open the song and an outro to end it. What is it you are trying to do exactly that doesn’t fit that? Could you share a tune to show what you’re trying to do?

Or, you could use the auto finish feature. So, if your song was

Verse, Verse, Chorus

repeated a few times, then verse would be section A played twice. Chorus would be section B played only once Then set the autofinish to repeat the structure however many times you want.

If there is a final repeat of the chorus or of just the last line, put it in as an outro as the previous contributor suggested.

You might also solve your problem by break the tune up into several pieces as separate tunes and stitching them together as a medley. I did that once.

Lets say I have a song that goes like this…

Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus

So what are your options? As far as I can tell… You can make a single verse that contains both the Verse and the Chorus and repeat them 3 times. Or you can lay out the whole song in it’s entirety, with no repeats.

All I’m saying is … have a way to create a Verse and Chorus and repeat them both in sequence 3 times.

[[Verse][Chorus]] x 3

You could do this by having a “shared group” in the header of each section, be it a letter, number or symbol.

Just a suggestion

You mean like this?

Hi Robert.

So I tried adding an intro and outro to your example… and added some repeats… and it worked!!

Of course you have to use “Auto Finish”… which is fine. The only reason I typically don’t use that is… I play the song over and over (and over) again. But thanks for the help! That is great for a finished song.


That’s what I told you earlier :slight_smile: Glad that finally made sense. So, yeah, StrumMachine could use a reading list like TablEdit. I’ve discussed this before with Josh and he agrees, but it way down the list of priorities. I’d rather see him work on all the features he’s got on his plate right now. For most problems there’s always a workaround if you get creative. I’ve overcome some issue, as I mentioned, by breaking pieces up into separate tunes and stitching and stitching them together as a medley, so remember that as well.

You might want to make sure to always label an outro as outro like you did with the intro. That way when you look at it there’s no doubt what that piece is :wink: