Gypsy jazz & recording mp3s

Hi, I just signed up today and I love the app. I am actually trying to use it for Gypsy Jazz so I suspect I am not really your original intended audience but it is kind of working for me. I wanted to save my song as an MP3 file so I could show someone else what I had been able to achieve and see if they wanted to sign up. I can’t find the Recorder button that this post is referring to. I worked around the problem by using loopback on my PC and recording into Audacity but if there as an MP3 download built in then I should be using that. Where do I find it? (Excellent app. by the way, really loving it) PS - I am on MS Windows PC

You’ll have to enable the feature as it’s an “opt in” setting. You can do so through the Advanced Settings menu.

If you’re playing Gypsy Jazz then you’ll definitely want to be using the beta version of Strum Machine which has new swing-friendly strumming patterns. :blush:

wow, that was a quick response! Thanks for that, I found the setting where you said. I will give it a go now. I have been using the online Beta version, I was blown away by how easy it was to enter a song from scratch. I think I saw a comment from you somewhere about maybe introducing an element of swing into the bassline, that would be super cool. As a gypsy jazz guitarist I expect that I am in a minority of one on here but I really think that this tool is very close to something that lots of my jazz buddies would be really into. Our only option currently is iReal Pro, which isn’t very good and BIAB which is good but expensive.

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You may be in a minority but there are at least two of us! I am in the process of putting Robin Nolan’s Gig Book into SM. I’ll share when I have got a bit further.

Have you also used Stephan Wrembel’s backing tracks? They are excellent, and use “live” musicians.

Don’t know if they are still widely available, but I have them and can share via DropBox

wow, that’s cool that there is another Gypsy Jazz guy here. Robin Nolan is a good friend of mine and we have both been looking at this app together. We have also been liaising with Luke (The owner of this app), he seems like a really nice guy. I think Robin is hoping that he can embed it or link to it or something from within the online Gypsy Jazz school that he runs. and then load up a backing track for each of his lessons. We are struggling a bit bit Gypsy Bossa rhythm but everything else seems to work just fine. I am interested in the Stephan Wrembel backing tracks, I will have a google around and if I can’t find any I will come back to you if that’s OK? Cheers

Ha, just wrote to Robin about setting a time to meet and discuss! I estimate there are already around a hundred folks who use Strum Machine for gypsy jazz (based on a survey I did last year) so I definitely would like to improve what Strum Machine has to offer for the genre, both in terms of accompaniment options (more varied and authentic strumming patterns, walking bass, ???) and built-in songs.

That would be really cool. The main thing that would move me on is a “down, down, chick, down” strum pattern (if that makes any sense!) so I could do gypsy bossa. Just my 2 cents but I am really excited to see where this goes