"Haven't seen you in awhile" emails

I keep getting an email from Strum Machine saying that they “haven’t seen me for a while,” since May, but I get on Strum Machine several times a week. I tried to contact them, but no success. Any suggestions besides just ignoring the email? I don’t know what difference it makes to them, just bugs me that they can’t see that I do use the site.

That’s an automatic email from this forum software, actually. It keeps track of your last visit to the forum by default (if you log into the forum) and sends you a summary of activity since your last visit.

To turn it off, go to the Preferences section of your forum profile, and uncheck the box under “Activity Summary”. Here’s a direct link to that page:

Also, there’s a link at the bottom of those emails to change your email settings which will bring you to the same page.