Help get this forum started!

What kinds of posts would you like to see on this forum? What should we (as a community) encourage? Reply to this post with your thoughts and ideas!

We’re starting with a blank slate, and to be honest, blank slates intimidate me. :wink: So your input is very much appreciated. This forum is for you, after all!

I think it might be fun for people to share video or audio files of them playing so that we can play along.

Thanks for doing this, BTW



That’s a fun idea! :+1:

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To add to my previous comment… this forum will embed audio/video links from a variety of platforms, like YouTube, Instagram, Soundcloud, and more. All you have to do is paste the link on its own line. YouTube videos will play inline. Instagram will just like to an Instagram post. I’m not sure about other platforms.

Expanding on @KateThedell Kate’s idea, this forum could be a place to organize group projects.

For example, a few members could get together and pick a song, key and tempo, share a Strum Machine chart, then each person records themselves playing along with SM (in ear). Then, one person mixes all the tracks for the finished project.

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