Hold screen on notes

Am I missing a feature that is already there to freeze screen on notes section if needed. If I’m playing a song and need to refer to the lyrics which I’ve pasted into the notes section. When viewing these lyrics the screen will jump to the moving chords This usually jumps when the chords move from one section of the scrolling chords to another. I’m using iPhone and I realize it has small screen size Is there a way to lock the screen on the lyrics?

Hmm, this was supposed to have been fixed last month. Could you please send a note to me by clicking on my name above and then “Message” (or through the in-app contact form) with a link to the song where this is happening so I can take a closer look? Thanks!

I think the problem is that I was in edit mode when this was happening I can not recreate the issue in the standard mode. If it happens again on my iPhone I’ll report back. Thanks for the app it’s great

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