How do you export?

This software is amazing. Nothing else out there gives you so much control over the specific chords, can even utilize jazz chords with non-root base notes. But this is al for naught if we can’t export our recordings. So how do you export a song file of our pieces???

Well, I’m not sure if it’s all for naught… Strum Machine was designed to be a practice tool used to help you improve your playing and make your practice sessions more fun. The vast majority of people have no need for exporting recordings, as far as I’m aware.

That said, I did put together an experimental record-to-MP3 feature awhile back that folks have been using to export backing tracks for use in their DAW and other apps.

Here’s how to enable and use that feature:

  1. Open Strum Machine in the web browser – this feature is currently unavailable in the mobile apps. Chrome, Firefox, or Edge are recommended, as some users have reported timing glitches in the exported MP3 with Safari.

  2. Go to Advanced Settings (top-left menu) and enable “Backing track recorder”.

  3. On any song page, open up the new “Recorder” menu item (right sidebar) and click “Record next playback”

  4. Set Auto-Finish to whatever you like (optional but recommended), then hit record and let the song play and end.

  5. A few seconds after the song ends, an MP3 recording of the backing track will be downloaded.

Note: only the output of Strum Machine is recorded. Your microphone is not.

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Hello Luke,
SM is a great product.
I know this is probably pretty far from what your main goal is, but similar functionality would also be useful when exporting multiple instruments on separate tracks to a DAW, then allowing the user to replace them one at a time. Although even if they were on separate tracks that wouldn’t help me for this use case.

Use case: guitar is not my main instrument, so I like to use SM to prototype the guitar part, export, and then add other instruments/voice in DAW of choice.

Problem: This works fine, but when I remove the SM track I don’t have any kind of metronome or click track left.

Request: export multiple tracks (or perhaps stereo with click on one side). Then when I remove my guitar track I still have a click track.

Again, I realize this is probably not on your roadmap, but it would be great for song-writers doing rapid prototyping.


@WillemKoulman - I do believe I will be able to have multitrack MP3 exports at some point, where each “instrument” or “track” will be in its own file. In addition, someday there will be a metronome “instrument” that you can enable, which can also be downloaded as its own track. Can’t give you an ETA for all that but it is on the roadmap and it will happen, as long as I can get multitrack exports working! (Should be technically possible but I haven’t tried yet.)