How to create Intro or Outro?

How do you create an Intro and Outro. I know I saw it somewhere but can no longer find how to do it. Thanks, Yvette

It’s the three-dots menu in the section heading:

I definitely need to make this more intuitive and obvious!

Hi Luke, I am having trouble trying to add an intro or outro on a song that is already in the main list. If I am typing in my own chord structure I am able to do it but i cannot add an intro or Outro to a song that is already created even if I am in edit mode. Can you please help? Maybe that is not an option but I just want to be sure Thanks, Yvette

For a song in the public Strum Machine list, you’ll have to edit a copy of the song (still through the Edit menu), but otherwise you should be able to see that menu for making an intro or outro. Are you in edit mode (i.e., you see the editing buttons along the bottom of the screen and the green and red +/– buttons in the chord chart) but that menu doesn’t work?