How to handle 1/8 measure

I have some tunes that start off or end with 1/8 measures. How would you deal with that in Strum Machine?

Thanks for including the notation, that makes your question very clear! What they’ve done is notated the pickup notes that come before the first main downbeat in their own measure of 1/8, and then cut off the end of the last measure so that it repeats correctly. But in Strum Machine, you’d play that first hammer-on during the count-in (between the “4” and the first main downbeat). So you would start the chart on the first whole measure. They’ve notated it with two boom-chucks per measure (as is most common) so it lines up nicely with how Strum Machine handles strums and measures.

In fact, it looks like this might be Golden Slippers, or a very similar tune. In any case, the chords are the same as the A part. Try playing it along with Golden Slippers in Strum Machine. You’ll want to align that first slide with the first note of the instrumentation after the count-in.