How to Play Fiddle Fills Along with Strum Machine

My first post as a new SM User.
I found this interesting video from Megan Lynch Chowning on YT using Strum Machine to practice fills and licks.

This is very helpful…?
Anyone come across any other useful tutorials…?


Thanks so much for sharing that. It’s really helpful. I’ve been using SM for quite a while now but just started trying to use it to work on fills on mandolin. I like the way she explains it methodically in terms of bars and chords. My approach has been too random. Going to try this tonight!

Yes, Megan is a very good fiddler.
I came across her by accident from a YT listing. That led me to SM.
I’ve tried Band In a Box for many years, but it’s too complicated.
If you click on her YT page under “Videos”, she has posted many, many tunes.


Very useful! Thanks for posting. Works for any instrument…I always have trouble deciding when to fill.

There are many SM features great for fiddlers. SM serves as pitch source for intonation and as a metronome simultaneously. It does not replace practicing with a drone for intonation but it’s so nice to have that pitch reference with a rock steady beat. You can select just a passage to practice repeatedly and you can speed it up in intervals. It is easy to make chord progressions for the tunes you play that are not already on the list. It’s getting better all the time too.

Thanks for posting this link. I have watched her videos but this is the first reference to SM I’ve seen.
I also use Fiddlehed instructional videos. He uses SM for backing tracks which I like a lot.