How to share songs/lists with the community

Below are instructions for a) posting songs one at a time, and b) posting a whole list of songs. If you have more than a couple thematically-related songs to share, the recommended approach is the second one: putting them all on a song list in Strum Machine and then sharing the entire list. That’ll make it a lot easier for other folks to get all the songs in their personal libraries. :slight_smile:

A) Sharing a single song

  1. Open the Share menu. From the side menu on any song page (click the menu icon in the top right corner to show the menu if needed), click the “Share” link:

  1. Click “Copy Link” to copy the song’s URL (web address) to your clipboard. (You can also copy it from your browser’s address bar.)
  2. Paste that link into your post here on this forum, ideally on its own line.

Anyone who clicks the link will be able to view (not edit) your song. They can then add it to one of their lists or make their own copy to have it accessible within Strum Machine.

B) Sharing an entire list of songs

If you have more than one or two songs to share, this is the way to go.

  1. Open the list menu for the list you want to share, and then click “Share”:

  1. You’ll be shown page with instructions about how to share your list with other Strum Machine users. Click the “Copy URL to Clipboard” button near the top of the page.
  2. Paste that link into your post here on this forum, on its own line, so that the song index will be displayed in the post.

Anyone who clicks the link will be able to add the list to their Strum Machine account, giving them a way to access all of the songs on it, including any custom songs.

Note: Nobody else will be able to edit this list (unless you turn on “Allow other users to add/remove songs” on the list-sharing page). If you update the list in any way, those changes will be seen instantly by anyone who’s added the list (and its songs) to their account.

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I don’t know why, but I can’t seem to find the “New Topic” button to post a new chart. Where would I find it?

Looks like you found it!

For anyone else seeing this, if you go to the front page of the forum (and are logged in) you’ll see a “New Topic” button just above the list of recent topics on the right side.

Hey Luke - I am a new subscriber. You have created a great tool!
Anyway, about “Sharing”: I think it might make sense to consider a functionality that would allow user sharing a particular song (with you?) and then it would get added to the “global list” by you.

Yes, “crowdsourcing” as they call it. It’s something I have put a lot of thought into, but the devil’s really in the details on that one. I want to figure something out later this year, though, so I’ll probably be posting about it on this forum at some point asking for feedback and ideas. Too involved with some other feature development to figure it out right now, though.

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Hey Luke! have you thought about making “shared lists” searchable? Today it occurred to me that I should create a list of all the backing tracks for the tunes in my artist-works class. I thought maybe someone had already done that so I went to search for a list and realized that feature doesn’t exist. Would be a cool dimension to add to the “share” option for lists. Thanks!

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If you post a link to a list here on the forum, such as in any of these posts, both the name of the list and all of the songs will be expanded and inserted into the post, and this will be searchable through the forum search in the top-right corner.

This may be an in-app feature someday, I’m not sure… for now, the forum is the best place to search for and share such lists.