Installing the new iOS app

As of May 2020, Strum Machine is available as an iOS app! It’s 99% the same as the web version of Strum Machine, but there are a few benefits to using the iOS app versus using it in the browser:

  • more room for Strum Machine’s interface (since there’s no browser interface)
  • Bluetooth speaker audio stays in sync with highlighted beats
  • built-in offline access
  • always-on screen while viewing songs
  • and naturally, a nice icon for your home screen

I’m still working to get it compliant with Apple’s stringent App Store policies so it’s not available in the App Store yet. As of July 2020 it’s finally in the App Store!

Get it from the App Store here.

Log in using your existing account email and password, and start playing! All your custom songs, lists, and preferences will be synced between devices.

Hope you enjoy the new app. Let me know how it goes!


Just installed it on my iPhone and iPad. Easy. Very cool.


I use the IOS app once a week when playing with a friend. Works well except I sometimes use sheet music with my app on the desktop, and I haven’t been able to get that to load on the ipad. I have Chrome browser installed too.

In theory, you could use your iPad’s split screen feature to have Strum Machine on one side and your reference material on the other. Right now I believe the split screen functionality is not working but I will fix that with the next mobile app release, which will likely coincide with the finalization of the beta.