Instruments Added and Subtracted

Playing a song with 3 choruses where I’m lead guitar then rhythm guitar and then back to lead I’m wondering if there’s a way to ask Strum Machine to drop out it’s rhythm guitar when I’m taking care of that. Just lowering it’s volume would work too.

Not any way to currently do that in one graph. But, you could do something a bit more involved to achieve your end result. Create three separate tune graphs with the rhythm, volume you want and combine them as a medley. That will allow you to change the instruments, etc for each chorus as you desire. If that’s not clear, give me a shout out and I throw something together and send you a link.

Thanks, sounds like it should work but I can’t get it quite right. Using Medley I’m putting 3 versions of the same song together so I can play rhythm guitar in the first and last choruses leaving it up to Strum Machine to play rhythm in the middle chorus. Putting three copies of the song into a medley is easy but pushing save I only get 2 copies. Does medley require some subtle difference to be saved?

Can you share with me what you have? Then I’ll try to do something with it to show you.

You said: " Putting three copies of the song into a medley is easy but pushing save I only get 2 copies". Not sure how you’re doing that. But what you do need to do is make all three separate tunes. The best way to make copies is to use the edit menu. Notice that one option lets you edit a copy:

This allows you to rename it something appropriate for the difference from the other three pieces so you can easily identify them. Same them in to some special list that you make just for these kinds of special graphs. Then include those new, independent graphs together as your medley. Does that make sense?

Here, this is a medley with three separate versions of the same tune:

You should notice that each graph has different volume, and instruments. This gets set at the tune level before adding them to the medley.

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Thanks for the help. I managed to get it done using the Medley button. What I had to do was duplicate the original song then change the name slightly. That allowed me to have, from my perspective as a member of the band, a rhythm chorus followed by a lead chorus then another rhythm chorus.
When I deleted the duplicate with the slight name change the medley was messed up but was easily recreated. I guess the extra copy can just sit there or maybe be put into its own list to keep my regular list clean looking.

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Yup. That’s what I do. I have a list for odd pieces of tunes that I later assemble into medleys :wink:

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Very interesting to see how you guys are doing this. Strum Machine is supposed to let you add the same song to a medley multiple times; this wasn’t true with the first release of the medleys feature but it’s been true for many months now. I just tested it and was able to add three copies of a single tune to a medley, and then adjust the band settings for only the second iteration of the tune. Basically the same as @RobertBiggs did, except with the settings set after medley creation, and without creating multiple copies of a tune. Sounds like it wasn’t working so smoothly for @JohnStevens; I would be curious to know if it still misbehaves on a second attempt. Email me through the Help menu if it does and I’ll check the logs for clues as to what’s going wrong.

Someday we won’t have to do any medley workarounds like this! Hopefully in the second half of this year, but best laid plans…


Luke, this morning I was able to create a melody version that’s 3 copies of the same SM song. Thinking that not seeing the third copy yesterday was a screen scrolling issue. But still one hangup. I can’t see a way to get the 3 same song medley to auto repeat

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Medleys cannot be repeated, which was an intentional design decision for simplicity’s sake. (Medleys aren’t usually repeated in real-life situations, unlike the form of a tune.) But I think it’s only an issue because the medley is being used as a workaround for a feature that will be coming in the future.

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