iPad multitasking audio bug [fixed with restart]

For a long while now, every time I quit using SM and use another app or browser etc. SM won’t start playing a song.

I’ll have to shut down SM reopen and then it will play a song, or a hundred songs.

But the minute I use another app ( answer a text) and then try to play another song, I have to restart.

Version 392.6.1

Don’t have this issue on my iPhone.


Sorry to hear that. I have only heard of this issue from one or two other people, and have yet to be able to track down what’s happening. Will you please use the Help menu to write support from within the app on your iPad? That way I’ll have access to a bit of diagnostic info to look into. We can continue from there over email. Thanks!

No Problems like this!
iPadOS 17.4.1
iOS 14.4.1 (iPhone)

Update for anyone else with the same issue:

What ended up fixing this for Rad was the oldest trick in the book: turning the iPad off completely and then turning it back on again. Can’t believe I didn’t think of that immediately! :sweat_smile: