Just Slipping Around, no not the song

No not the song just me trying to get around Strum Machine. I have been working with SM for a while now and have been happy with being able to play with the rhythm patterns. Now I see there is soooo much more available through SM. My problem is direction. How do I? I see in the SM community where you can comment but I don’t see how. I see where I can share my rhythm patterns but again, I don’t see how. I am an elder and don’t see the obvious sometimes. What I would like to do is make rhythm patterns for country and jazz standards to share with the SM community. I just don’t see all the tools available to do this. Example just to add a rest to a pattern. I don’t see how to do that. In other words where is the SM how to manual?

It’s right under your nose:

View the Guide:

The Guide-Part 1:

The Guide-Part 2:

Explore the guide and learn.

Yes, the Guide is a good place to start. I have put a lot of effort into making it comprehensive and easy to digest… though admittedly I feel like I am still am only 80% of the way there.

If by “rhythm patterns” you mean chord charts, here’s how to make those. To make a chord into a rest, you select it and then use the FX menu in the bottom-left. (That’s one bit of info not explicitly covered in the Guide.)

If you have other questions that aren’t answered in the Guide, don’t hesitate to ask!