Kenny Baker Shared Folder

Many KB Tunes and 2 Blaine Sprouse tunes, with links to sheet music transcribed by me.


I will also share my Kenny Baker tunes.

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Thank you for these transcriptions Brian.
I have looked at your website many times over the years when trying to learn KB tunes.
Your transcriptions are excellent…!! :+1:

You’re welcome, John. Glad you can use them!


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All tunes on are now on on Strum Machine. Link is on the site.

That’s a lot of songs! Going to I see the link taking me to the Strum Machine backing. Searching for some of the songs in Strum Machine, for instance Lauging Girl, I’m not finding the song. Luke, can you clarify for us how this works?

I should have clarified. Once on the page you need to select the “Backing Tracks” button. That brings up all the tunes. I didn’t use the Strum Machine name because, well, not sure if I should. It might be clearer to those who know what Strum Machine is, but less clear to those who don’t.

Rereading what you wrote I think you did it right. I’m not sure why you are not getting certain tunes. The link leads to a Strum Machine page with all the tunes. Have you tried again?

I’m looking at this from the other end. The website links to the Strum Machine backing tracks. My question for Luke is if the backing tracks are in Strum Machine why does a search in Strum Machine for Laughing Girl and Hamilton Ironworks not bring up a result?

My guess is that Strum Machine searches aren’t linked to any private accounts. A link to tunes in my account, say, is the only way to access my tunes and not part of the general Strum Machine database of tunes. I think you can save individual tunes from my list to your own however.

It’s great Strum Machine is being used to it’s full potential. I was asking Luke to clarify as I would have guessed all the songs Strum Machine was being used for were accessible from within Strum Machine.

So, to reiterate: Brian has created a new list (not this Kenny Baker list) with all of the songs that he has on his site. If you view that list and then click “Save List to My Account”, then all of the songs on the list will be searchable in the library. You have to manually add the list (recommended) or individual songs to your account, though, as all songs are private by default – otherwise it would be an absolute mess!

@BrianWood: thanks for making this available to the community! I would suggest you make a new topic in the Song Lists forum category and put the list URL on its own line so that it’s easier to find. Also you are more than welcome to use the Strum Machine name on your website and/or explain what it’s about. For example, Ken Torke did that when he posted his backing tracks on Tater Joe’s here.