Long Range - Chords Per Measure

In the distant future, is there a possibility that chords per measure would be modified to allow more than 2 chords per measure ? An option where a single chord in a measure could be changed to more than 2 chords ? Some tunes have measures where more than 2 chords are used in a measure. Of course the opposite is also true. There can be measures with a single chord.

I am studying chord substitution. Strum Machine already is useful for trying things out. Great for trying strum patterns as well. I enjoy using Strum Machine and was pleased to read about the increase in the number of strum patterns. That will make Strum Machine a “must have” for beginners. Lot more enjoyable than a metronome.

Have you tried the “Subdivide Beat” feature? Sounds like that’s what you need. Try this:

  1. Select the chord you want to split up.

  2. Open the Chart menu at the bottom and toggle “Subdivide”

  3. Close the Chart menu. You’ll see chord-selection buttons at the bottom of the screen.

  4. Use those buttons to change the chord for the first or second beat in that half of the measure separately (or the three beats in a waltz).

More options for slicing and dicing measure will likely be coming in the future, along with the strumming patterns you mentioned!

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