Loop just the second ending (and the bars leading into it...)?

Hi! I have a section set up with a first and second ending. I’d like to loop the last few bars and the second ending only to practice this part. When I highlight sections to loop it seems to need to be contiguous though so the first ending is always highlighted.


Moreover, when I play it like that, it only ever plays the first ending? Is there any way to do this ?

Obviously I can do this which isn’t a big deal… but it’s nicer with the two endings in one section.


I’m not sure if there’s a more elegant solution for this (that could be designed in the future) but for now what I’d recommend is to include at least one measure of the B part in your loop. Then, Strum Machine will know that it’s playing the last rep of the A part and will skip over the first ending, even though it remains highlighted.

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Thanks for your help Luke :slight_smile:

Just a note, that trick won’t work if there is no B part :slight_smile: