M7b5 chord and strum settings for Don't Fence Me In

Hi Luke.

I’m working up a “Cowboy Swing” version of “Don’t Fence Me In”.
First off I want to say how remarkably easy it was to assemble the song so far.
I’ve never done a song with so many subdivided measures and interesting chords and it was a piece of cake. Strum Machine is a powerful tool.

Two questions:

  1. Is a Em7(flatted 5th) possible? Or am I asking too much?
  2. What strum settings would you recommend for Cowboy Swing?

Just playing the melody along with these chords sound awesome btw.

Great to hear!

  1. Not yet, but I’ll add it eventually.

  2. I would definitely recommend using the beta version if you’re not already, where you can select the “strum, stop , strum, stop” dampened strumming pattern, which feels the most “cowboy swing” to me.

Feel free to post a link when you’re done with your chart in case anyone else would be interested in playing with it!

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It doesn’t suffer much from the missing flat.
I will post it when it’s done.

Oh, hang on… m7b5 is a half-diminished chord, and yes Strum Machine can play this! Look for the slashed “o” in the Chords menu, or use the zero key. Sorry, I should have recognized that at first, it’s just not a chord I use much myself!

Ha! Just tried it and it’s fits the melody perfectly!
I Have new respect for Cole Porter after attempting this song.
Thank you so much.