Maybe a "group access/purchase" option for SM?

Hi Luke,
I have a “slow jam” group who would benefit from a coordinated collection of songs. There’s no way I can convince them all to buy into SM…but maybe after they use it for a while, they would. In the mean time I’d suggest have a way for a coordinated group to access a “master account” but no other abilities (like editing, adding songs etc.). Not sure how it would work, but…
Pete A

I get what you’re saying. I kind of doubt I will ever have a “group access” option; regardless of whether it makes business sense (it probably doesn’t), implementing it would be quite a technical challenge I think. But it’s still an open question.

One thing I will point out is that an expired free trial account still has the ability to log in and see lists and chord charts, so it can be used as a reference tool in that way. You just wouldn’t be able to play anything.

I’ll also mention that if folks sign up through the website, they won’t be charged automatically when their free trial expires, so there’s no risk in them trying it out. (If you subscribe through the Apple app, it does automatically subscribe you after 14 days by default, but you can cancel that through the iOS Settings app.)

Thanks, Luke. Thanks for thinking about it. I’ll work on “selling” it to the group. This is a great discussion group! Appreciate your asking for ideas, and your responses “thinking” about it.
Pete A