Measures per line [Available]

Does anyone know of a way to create a song with a different number of measures per line? Example - Ill Go Stepping Too has 5 measures in the firs line, 4 in the second, etc.

This is a new feature in the beta version, which will be becoming the main version early next week!

You can change the line length with the selector in the new Chart menu, or with the “L” key on your keyboard. You can have between 1-6 measures (defined as pairs of visible chord cells) per line, and different line lengths per line if you want.

P.S. - great example of a song that needs differing line lengths! I updated the public library copy: Strum Machine

Luke, when i look at this, it’s in beta.strummachine. I am using version 324.12 and I can’t save the stepping song to my library there. Should I be using the beta version?

Earlier this morning, the answer would have been yes, you need to use the beta. But I just updated the main site to be the same as the beta so both will work now. :slight_smile: