Medley - newly added song audio doesn't work

This happens every time. How to reproduce:

  1. Create a medley containing 3 songs.
  2. Close the medley.
  3. Open it back up, play the songs.
  4. Add another song without closing the medley. Play the songs. This is where you’ll see the error. The newly added song does not have an audio when it plays. The first 3 songs will have normal audio. The last song is visually playing but without audio.
  5. Close the medley.
  6. Open it back up and play the whole medley. All songs will have audio as normal.

Thanks for reporting this, David. I am able to reproduce the issue as well. Couldn’t find a quick solution but I will do some more digging into this in the future. Glad there’s an easy workaround, at least (closing and re-opening the song).

Just wondering-I had a tune that had no audio and went back out and in. Maybe look into timing out?