Metronome alone? [Planned]

Is there a way to only hear the metronome for a song, without the added instruments?

Currently, no. But this has been requested before and is on my list. It’ll be part of a larger overhaul of how instruments are managed, which will be necessary as I’m working on more guitar styles which will require more settings/preferences to be made available, plus I plan to offer other instruments such as various percussion options (drums, feet, triangle…) and, in the more distant future, another stringed instrument or two. :banjo::grin:

Anyway, one of the additional “instruments” you’ll be able to choose will be a simple metronome click, which you can hear with or without the other instruments.


Would love to have this feature! I came here to put in a request and found this thread.

Here’s my reason: playing to a metronome is very helpful for me to focus on the “tick” but with an open-ended stream of ticks it is a bit awkward ending - especially if I am recording a practice session to send to my instructor. Having a click would allow me to set up a song with lots of repeats (like True Life Blues with its 7 repeats) to play to and have it end cleanly.

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That would help alot…