More Sorts in the main page [Under Consideration]

Anyway you can add “Switches” to add Keys and tempo in the main page?
Reason, If I wantes to practice just keys of D then I can sort that column or titel or by temple, as of now I have excell to sort the key’s in order, be so much simpler to sort it out in SM, I think it would be simple to do.
Sort in the main page, three items, Thank you

BTW Love the program , Great Job!!

Unfortunately, this would be very challenging to implement due to some underlying reasons I won’t get into. It’s still on my radar as something folks want (you’re not the only one to have asked about it either) so there’s hope for it yet… but it might take awhile.

A lot of folks divide up their practice lists by key. I know that’s not a complete solution but it might be helpful…