More Tempo Control

I was trying to play Cheyenne the other day and ran in to a tempo problem. Normally the A Part gets played at a slow tempo. And the B Part gets play at a fast clip. I saw there was a tab for Cheyenne, but with he same tempo for the whole tune. So, StrumMachine can only apply a tempo setting for an entire tune. It would be nice if at some point users had more control over tempo: play part A at one speed, Part B at another. Or have a section slow down a designated amount on the last play. For maybe just drop that last play to a slower speed. Yeah, I know this is a lot of work, but it would make StrumMachine match what you play in the real world. Currently you can only speed up, no slow down. Even if it was only slow down on the last play through would be a huge improvement.

I assume we’re talking about Kenny Baker’s Cheyenne. It sounds like only the first A part is a tad slower than normal; the rest of the tune is a steady tempo, other than the final B part which gradually slows down.

Tempo changes aren’t currently possible other than in medleys. Sometimes you can use the medley feature to simulate changes like this; e.g., to go from the waltz version of Blue Moon of Kentucky to the fast version. But I don’t think that’ll work in this case. I do plan to tackle mid-tune tempo changes at some point, although it’ll be tricky to implement gradual tempo changes, I think!

No. I play it a bit different. Here’s a ref version. You can see where the tempo changes. TablEdit handles these tempo changes well.

But I guess a medley could handle this :wink:

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