More time signatures and maj7 chords [Partially Available]

Hi Luke

I really appreciated when you added the 6/8, I love to play jigs! Do you have any plans on adding more compound times? It’s just something on my wish list.

Also on my wish list: maj7 chords. I know they’re not used in bluegrass, but I find myself creating more and more songs that are not bluegrass, and ran into a few songs that just need that dissonance of maj7.
Again, not complaining, love :two_hearts: SM, just thinking…



Major sevenths (and many other chords) are definitely coming… that’s The Big Project, and I intend to get back to it as soon as I finish getting the iOS app in the App Store (which has ended up taking far long than I’d hoped…).

Compound time signatures… are you talking about 5/4, 7/8, etc? I have no plans to add these but it’s not entirely out of the question if there’s enough demand. I’m not sure how I would have it strum these time signatures… my exposure to these is mostly from playing various forms of Middle Eastern music, but we never used guitar in those jams… :wink: But if you have further feedback, ideas, examples of specific songs that need these compound time signatures, etc., feel free to share them!

Thanks for your input!

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