Mother Maybelle Medley

Since I saw the thread about medleys, I thought I would post my crude attempt at composing a medley. I did this about a year ago and it worked somewhat for me.
I posted this video for the owner of that old archtop guitar that I had repaired. It looks rough but the owner didn’t want any cosmetic repair because she wanted to keep it just as her grandmother left it. She just wanted it to be playable.


I thought that was just great. You made that old, rough looking guitar sound wonderful. I really liked your songs too. I certainly would not describe what you just played as crude!!

Thank you for the comment. I thought that old guitar did have a good tone and projection. The lady that bought that guitar new in 1936 is still alive and she really liked the video when her grand daughter showed it to her.

You can’t beat those old guitars for music like that. I live in Southwest Virginia about 40 miles from Carter Fold, and play music with people that play old guitars. I have a 1960 Kay Bass that looks like your guitar and find it hard to replace the tone of these old instruments. I enjoyed your medley!

Thank you Les. That Carter family music just can’t be beat. I think I am going to try another medley with Foggy Mountain Top, Cannonball Blues and Will The Circle Be Unbroken. I grew up listening to all those 78 rpm records at home here in the Missouri Ozarks. I appreciate what you had to say.

Our band made a CD last summer and did a few Carter Family songs…Gold Watch and Chain and You Are My Flower. Be looking forward to your next video.

Great looking and even better sounding guitbox Earl. Love the look of an honest, old, stringed instrument. My best playing fiddle looks the same and I’m always looking for those beat-up ones with the sweet voice. You have done Mother Maybelle proud.

Thank you Rich, I enjoyed reading your comment.

That was wonderful. Love the sound of the old guitar and you played it so well. I am a fan of Carter family music and play their songs regularly! Thanks!

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Really nice medley Earl - sounds great. The guitar geek in me was thankful you spent the first part of the video doing closeups of the entire guitar.

I’m curious, any idea of the manufacturer/model?

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Thanks Kevin. I tried to find out about the guitar by google image when I repaired it. The image that was closest to the guitar was a Kay. Same head stock and uncut F holes and pick guard. So that is my best guess. The lady that bought that guitar new is now 96 years old and still drives herself to church. She enjoyed seeing the video of her old guitar. Her grand daughter said that she picked cotton to get the money to buy that guitar.

Thanks so much. Glad to hear of people who like and play this kind of music.

Thanks Earl. I’ll use that info for a trip down a google rabbit hole for vintage Kay guitars one of these days.

Great story - I can only hope my Martin will still be in the family if I make it to 96. Only 56 more years. I’ll have to be careful not to drop it…