Multiple time signature changes within one song

I am playing By Stealth (Scott Vestal)
The time signature starts 4/4, then to 3/4 then to 4/4 then to 3/4, and ends in 2/4. I have put each time signature into its own section; A, B C etc.

How can I change the time signature for each section. There are no rests within the whole song.

try making each section s separate song then make a medley of them

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The ability to have multiple time signatures in one song will be coming in the future, I promise! Much work has been done under the hood and in design sketches, so it’s only a matter of time. (How much time? I should know better than to make predictions, but let’s just say early 2024 and hope for the best.)

In the meantime, Douglas’s suggestion for using medleys as a workaround is the way to go, I think.

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I thought half-measures were working for this.

Luke , has the ability to use multiple time signatures been added?

Not yet, but I have started working on this feature in earnest now. Currently sussing out whether I’ll be able to incorporate this into the next big update coming this spring or whether it’ll have to wait until later this year. Going to be meeting with Tyler to talk about this subject tomorrow, in fact.

Re: half-measures - those are an effective way to insert a measure of 2/4 time in a 4/4 song (or 6/4 within 4/4, or 3/2 within 2/2), but not for mixing 3/4 and 4/4 time.