Multiple time signature changes within one song

I am playing By Stealth (Scott Vestal)
The time signature starts 4/4, then to 3/4 then to 4/4 then to 3/4, and ends in 2/4. I have put each time signature into its own section; A, B C etc.

How can I change the time signature for each section. There are no rests within the whole song.

try making each section s separate song then make a medley of them

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The ability to have multiple time signatures in one song will be coming in the future, I promise! Much work has been done under the hood and in design sketches, so it’s only a matter of time. (How much time? I should know better than to make predictions, but let’s just say early 2024 and hope for the best.)

In the meantime, Douglas’s suggestion for using medleys as a workaround is the way to go, I think.

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