My song lists are suddenly out of order

Hi, I like to keep my song lists ordered alphabetically in the format A Tunes. B-flat Tunes, C tunes etc. Weirdly they are now appearing out of the order I want them in. The song in each list are alphabetical, just the actual lists themselves are out of order.

I tried dragging and dropping them but they just bounce back to their incorrect order. Is there a fix for this? Thanks for any help you might have.

This should be fixed now.


The bug slipped in as part of a recent update to the sorting algorithm. Before, songs and lists with numbers in their names would be sorted on a digit-by-digit basis – the typical naive text sorting approach. For example:

  • Blue Yodel #13
  • Blue Yodel #247
  • Blue Yodel #4

The update fixes this so that they’re ordered correctly based on the number, i.e. #4, #13, #247. This also means you can now number your lists and have them be displayed in the proper order.

The bug here happened because I used the same algorithm for songs and lists, not realizing that with songs, articles (“The”, “A”, and “An”) at the beginning of the word are not used. This is why your “A Tunes” list was being sorted under “T” and not “A”.

Anyway, that’s fixed now! :sweat_smile:

Thanks, yes it’s fixed now. I really appreciate the help.

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