Nerdy podcast interview on ShopTalk Show

Did my first-ever podcast interview last week with Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert on ShopTalk Show, their podcast about web development and related topics. It was fun to chat with them!

The podcast’s audience is mostly technical (versus musical) so we get into things like how the app got started and grew over time, how I’m using the Web Audio API to generate strumming sounds, how the mobile apps are built, and so on.

Sharing here in case anyone is curious to check it out:



Ok yeah it’s pretty nerdy.

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Just a bit of audience targeting there. :smile: (Personally, seeing “nerdy” next to “interview” is a total magnet for me…)

Software developer myself, web and other things … in fact I learned a lot from binging JavaScript Jabber podcast episodes when I first got into that, so yeah I’m magneted to the topic as well! :slight_smile: Thanks for passing it along.

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