"Nice to Have" feature request - Circle of Fifths

There are plenty of other apps that just do the circle of fifths but given the application of it within building chord charts it would definitely be nice if based on the tonic/key we had the ability to choose chords from the circle of fifths. It looks like you are already putting in the 1, 4, 5 chords, so you could perhaps extend that functionality. An even nicer improvement would be to add a small badge to the chord glyph to indicate the number. Could look something like this

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I like your mockup! Seems like maybe you have some background in UI design?

I think I will do something like this in the future. I also really want to have a mode that you can switch to in the editor where you enter chords directly with numbers. Just need to figure out where that mode switcher would be and what it would look like…

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Hey Luke, yeah I’m a career software dev. Your idea of a quick entry using the number system is cool. I’m sure people that are used to the Nashville Number System would enjoy using it that way.