No 3rd chords, cont'd

The way you added “bluegrass G” chords to the dey of A helped somewhat, but there is still an issue, which is the mandolin chop still plays the major 3rd which really clashes in some tunes (I’m learning Hell and Scissors). I partly solved that by bringing the mandolin all the way down in the mix, but then I don’t have the mandolin chop, and I have to remember to remix when I’m done for the rest of my tunes.

It’s also disconcerting to hear the chords sound in major when I’m constructing a tune that will eventually use 3rd-less A’s.

I still wish that it was treated like another chord choice that could be made (maj, min., no 3rd, etc). I realize you actually record the parts so it’s not as easy as pushing a button for you. There’s a great mandolin A modal chord with just the 2 low strings fretted and 2 high strings open, like a fiddle tuned in cross A. All the tunes I’m concerned with for now are in A modal.

Just some input. Great job on everything you’re doing.

Yeah, that was a partial, stopgap solution for the “modal tunes in A” problem. In the long run I want to have a modal “checkbox” of some kind that will tell all the instruments (including mandolin and, eventually, banjo) to play in a modal style. I wanted to implement that first before adding an explicit root-fifth chord choice, since it’d be an easier way (for the user) of making a modal tune sound right.

I plan to work on all of this (and much more) starting in a few weeks when my new recording studio is ready. In the meantime, perhaps I could stick “use thirdless mandolin chords” in the Advanced Settings for you… as another temporary stopgap…