Norton SafeWeb False Positive

On April 29, Norton started blocking access to, saying it was a “known dangerous website”.

This is understandably quite alarming, and I’ll admit I freaked out for a minute. But after some checking I could see no evidence that Strum Machine had been compromised in any way.

It looks like this is a “false positive” with Norton’s automated detection system. This has been known to happen to many other harmless sites in the past. Further evidence that this is the case: Norton is the only vendor to be reporting this – over 70 other malware scanners reported the site as safe as you can see here.

I’ve submitted a dispute using their system and am going to reach out to them directly as well to see if they can fix this annoying mistake!

(And just to be totally over-the-top safe, I deployed a new version of Strum Machine on fresh new servers and decommissioned the old ones.)


I wonder if you worked with Norton today because I had no trouble accessing any part of Strum Machine this evening. Thank you for whatever you did. Martha Carlton

I filed a dispute with Norton through their web page a couple days ago and it looks like they just reviewed the site and removed the automated block. :+1:

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