Numbers AND Letters for chord display? [Under Consideration]

As a player who is still very much learning music theory and have strummed along without some of the fundamentals, one feature I thought might be helpful (although maybe obscure) would be a way to see BOTH the chord number and chord letter - or perhaps a mode that switches between after each repetition, or after a certain number of beats?

(OR… a list of the chords (in the song) related to their numbers as a glossary at the top of screen?)

Thanks Luke! This is such a fantastic and fun tool. The care you’ve put into the features and your communication is really refreshing.

Thanks for your feedback, Wyatt!

My first thought is that having both chord number and letter would be a lot to cram into the chord chart. I’m thinking about offering another style of chord chart in the future (closer to Nashville-style charts) so I’ll revisit the idea then.

But the idea of a “cheat sheet” of numbers and letters for the chords used in the song is an interesting idea that is likely easier to pull off. I might put it in a sidebar or below the song next to the Notepad.

As always, if anyone else has wished for this feature, please add your +1!

When using Strum Machine, I have chord display set to numbers. However, when I create a new song chart, chord display seems to default to letters. Can this be set to match the chord display option?