Offline usage

I haven’t bit the bullet yet, I need to know if you have to be online to use this app.

Or can you download songs and use them any time while you don’t have service??

Wish there was a lifetime subscription!


Hi Chuck! Yes, you can use Strum Machine offline, either through the web browser (offline mode must be enabled with these instructions) or through the mobile apps (where offline support is built-in). All songs are available offline, and you can even create new charts offline.

The subscription model (versus lifetime purchase) makes this “niche” software a sustainable product. I still spend most of my days working to make Strum Machine better for my users – developing new features, keeping up with changes in web browsers and operating systems, responding to user feedback, etc – and I expect that to be the case for many years to come. With a one-time purchase model, I would need to focus on marketing efforts to keep getting new users in the door (and food on my table), and Strum Machine would likely not be nearly as polished a product as it is. With the subscription model, I can focus all my efforts on improving the product… like with the new strumming patterns available for beta testing right now.