Option to repeat song form (but not intro and outro) [Available]

Note sure if this has come up elsewhere, but it would be useful to have a way repeat the body of a song (eg AABA) independent of the intro and outro. So for the example below:

  • play the intro (1x)
  • repeat the AABA form a specified number of times (nx)
  • end with the outro (1x)


Yes, this is possible. Admittedly it’s not very obvious and this is something I could potentially improve in the future, but here’s how you do it:

In the song editor, there’s a “three-dots menu” in each section heading. Under that menu, you can set a section as an “intro” or “outro”, like this:

After saving the song, you set Auto-Finish to however many times you’d like the main body of the song to repeat, and it will be “bookended” by the intro and outro.

As I said, there may be better ways of doing this but I’m not sure what they are yet.

Ah, nice! Glad I asked :slight_smile: