Ostinelli's Reel - does anyone know the chords?

I’m trying to learn Ostinelli’s reel. I have the dots but not the chords. Does anyone have the chords to this reel?


Well, I found this. Not sure if its the same version, because you know how that goes. This is chords in ABC format:

X: 1
T: Ostinelli’s
Z: Tate
S: Ostinelli’s (reel) on The Session
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
cd|:eAfA eAaA|c’AaA eAfA|eagf edcd|edcd Bcd^d|
eAfA eAaA|c’AaA eAfA|eagf edcB|1 Aaec ABcd:|2 Aaec {AB}A2||
|:{EF}ED|CAEc Aeca|ee’c’a ec’ae|caec AecA|dcBA GFED|
CAEc Aeca|ee’c’a ec’ae|caec B^dgf|((3efe) ((3dcB) {AB}A2:|

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Actually, there’s two version on this site: Ostinelli’s (reel) on The Session

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Thank you, but I don’t see any chords :cry:

ABC is chords. You can import an abc file into any music program like TablEdit, etc. Click the tab that says “ABC” and you’ll get the chords.

I put it into the “sandbox” at TTA and i got a bunch of errors and no chords. I don’t know how to edit ABCs… sorry.

Actually, you just want the chord progress for StrumMachine? ABC will give you all the melody notes. So not what you’re looking for. What instrument are you playing?

yes, that’s what I want, I play violin and the chord changes help me way better than just a metronome.

I’m not sure where violin peeps hang one the net, but fiddlers go here: https://www.fiddlehangout.com. I’d post and ask about it. I’ve been on there looking for fiddle tunes to play on the banjo.

haha, a violin is a fiddle and I play fiddle music :laughing: :rofl:

Well, I converted the ABC into a banjo tab in TablEdit. It looks like it’s in the key of A. And looks like it’s your main chords are going to be A-D-E. If none of the fiddlers on fiddler hangout and fiddle around with it to help you, hit me back. I could probably figure it out if I try to play backup on banjo to what TablEdit has.

i followed your advice and found a fiddle community and I now have the chords, thanks