Other Instruments [Planned]

Any thoughts on adding another instrument to extend the backing band?

Definitely! Beyond the current guitar, mandolin, and standup bass, I plan to add banjo (both bluegrass and clawhammer styles), various percussion instruments, and maybe ukulele, piano, or other instruments… just no fiddle or Dobro as they’re sustained-note instruments which are harder to simulate.


That’s brilliant Luke. I play banjo but have played the bagpipes for nearly fifty years and use strum machine for backing tracks for my pipes as well. Together they sound great. So you are not only helping traditional instrumental players but providing great backing tracks for the genre that is highland bagpipes!!
Thank you.

How about a few different strums for the guitar? Not sure about the Mando or bass.

I just noticed that you mentioned adding instruments like the Ukulele which I play in my friends bluegrass jam. I solo and play mainly with the mandolin chop. If you do add instruments, I think the Banjo would be first in line to add as it is one of the main ingredients to the bluegrass style/sound.

Well, banjo is the most complicated of the bunch because of the roll patterns; it’ll involve some complex coding. But as a banjo player I’m definitely excited and all-in about it. Only a matter of time and priorities.

More varied guitar strumming patterns are also planned.

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Just keeps getting better!