Outro Section display is dimmed

The chart for my tune with an outro is dimmed so when I print it, it is harder to read. Is this normal? Here is an example. TIA.

Quick fix. If you set Auto Finish to 1 the Outro will show. By default the font color is lighter gray until the last repetition. Since you have no repetitions, it’s grayed out. With only 1 repetition the Outro shows. However if you have multiple repetitions you would have to be on the last for the Outro to show normal color.

Thanks much Robert but that setting it to 1 sort of defeats the purpose of auto finish. The Intro section doesn’t seem to behave the same way. I guess I see why it would be greyed out so the player doesn’t accidentally proceed to the end. It’s not a real big deal but it adds a step to copying and pasting a chart.

You only need to do that to print to PDF so that the Outro is full dark like the rest of the chart.

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@DaveBerry It’s actually not supposed to be dimmed when printing, even if it’s shown that way on the screen. Did you try printing it and found that it was grayed out? If so, what browser/OS/device are you using?

Hey Luke, I actually don’t use the print dialogue as I’m lazy and just use the Macs built-in screenshot feature to grab a portion of the screen then paste it into email or documents. Btw, it would be nice if the print dialogue included the Auto Finish count if it set. cheers and thanks for your continued work and support of SM. -dave

If you want the high contrast of the printed version, and if you happen to use Chrome on Mac, you could always do this:

  1. Press Cmd+P to open the Print dialog
  2. Click “More settings” if that section isn’t expanded
  3. Scroll down to the bottom and click “Open PDF in Preview”
  4. Take a screenshot of the displayed PDF and use it as you please.

Sounds like a lot but I’m able to do it in just 3 seconds (I counted). And there’s no PDF file to delete after, you just close the Preview window after you take the screenshot and you’re done.


Right, that works. Thanks much Luke.