Over 1,000 old-time tunes from Tater Joe's!

This is huge! Ken Torke of Tater Joe’s has been tirelessly adding chord charts for old-time tunes into Strum Machine, and is sharing his work with you all to enjoy. As of this posting, there are over 1,200 tunes on these lists! Quite a few are already in the Strum Machine public library, but the majority are not.

In case you don’t know, Tater Joe’s is a fantastic resource for old-time players. Hundreds of fiddle tunes have been transcribed into sheet music, and there are loads of clawhammer banjo tabs as well, plus other resources. Ken and Mark have poured countless hours into all this, simply because they truly love old-time music, and are sharing all of this for free – although I encourage you to buy them a “beer” (the money actually offsets their project’s expenses) through the PayPal form on their home page if you find their offerings useful. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ken wrote some details and disclaimers about these lists at the Tater Joe’s Strum Machine page.

Many thanks to Ken for sharing all these resources with us!


Absolutely fantastic…!!
So many tunes here to check out.
Thank you for posting. :wink:


Trying to scroll through the tunes, I’ve download and played a couple from the D List.
After that, SM seems to be unable to let me play the C’s and G’s.
Can you investigate and let me know if it is a system problem or my finger problem…?

@JohnTait, I’m not sure what’s going on, but I’m pretty certain it’s a glitch that doesn’t have anything to do with these lists. I’ll follow up with a private message shortly.

Yes Luke, same problem.
I didn’t log in…!!
I now understand the procedure.
Again, thank you for your prompt reply.
I apologise for any anxiety.

This is huge. Two of my absolute favorite websites ever have combined!! Thanks tater Joes and thanks Strummie!