You all are so far ahead of me I get brain burn reading the chats. I use strum machine to practice my fiddle tunes. It works great!!! Keep up the good work!!!


Hi Michael! Your message made me laugh. And, it brought to mind some concerning feedback that I received lately about the forum feeling intimidating.

It’s true: a lot of what I’ve been posting lately has been about features I’m developing, and it can get pretty technical. On the other hand, most Strum Machine users would probably be more interested in hearing from other users about their experiences, how they’re using the app, things they’ve learned or figured out, practice techniques they’ve used, etc. I have not done a good job of nurturing discussions on this forum, which is important in the early days of a community. This is something I could maybe improve in the future. It’s hard to find the time, though, given how much I’m working on improvements to Strum Machine itself right now. But that’ll probably change eventually, and/or I could get someone to help me on here.

Anyway, that was a long response to a very short and sweet post. I’m glad Strum Machine is working well for you! And sorry about the brain burn. :wink:

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Some other forums use moderators to help on specific topics or areas. Not that I’m volunteering. Just a suggestion.

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Thank you for the offer but I’m really happy with strum machine as is. It does everything I want from it.

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That’s what I do as well! Have fun playing your fiddle!

Unless you’re Stuart Duncan or Deanie Richardson then pretty much EVERYONE has a bunch of people who are way ahead of them :slight_smile: The point of fiddle playing is to love where you are at right now. And the point of Strummie (yeah, I’m on “nickname terms” with the app, we’re close!) is to make getting a just a bit better easier and more fun. Which it does in spades. Thanks Luke, and enjoy Michael.

I think everyone feels overwhelmed when first understanding the power and flexibility of Strum Machine. When I hear the recordings of other people, I just gulp and think go for it. I love Strum Machine. In fact, I have become so addicted to it that I can hardly imagine playing my guitar without it. I am going to my first music weekend since the beginning of the pandemic this weekend. I know because I have practiced regularly with Strummie, ( good nickname) I will be able to play along the way I used to.