Paste an image into notes? For lead lines, fingerstyle tab etc

While learning fingerstyle, it is useful to scan the tab in, and paste it into the notes…or it would be if that could be a feature. As of now, have to synchronize practice Strum Machine song with another window containing the Tabliture
Pete A

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I like the idea! It’s not trivial to implement because it requires the uploading and storage of image files which is a whole can of worms. But I think it’s too good of an idea to ignore. Maybe in 2022?


How about just letting the user store the image in a folder on the user device. You could then provide a way for the user to put a link to to that image. The link concept would be useful for me when I can’t remember how to start a tune, I could link to an mp3 on my device or to a YouTube video, listen and then go back to Strum Machine. If you could do this wouldn’t other apps then handle the data and eliminate the need for uploading and storage of files.

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After writing my previous reply I discovered that the link to YouTube feature is already available in the “References” link at the bottom of the tunes. Because linking to a web address (URL) is available I tried linking to a PDF (which is an image) and an mp3 file in my OneDrive storage. That gave me a web address that can be used to create a link for the “References” requirement. I then put a link to each file in “References” and I was able to display the pdf and play the mp3 from strum machine.

Pete, I think this will work for you but it’s still 2 windows, however, you can put the 2 windows side by side and size them to give the image more space.


Yes, you can link to any web address in References (or paste the URL into the Notepad, for that matter) and get a link that will open in a new window.

It’s not technically possible to link to a file on your device, to my knowledge. The browser is unable to access or point to the device’s filesystem, for security reasons. I could possibly integrate more closely with other cloud storage providers, though. For example, right now if you paste a link to an MP3 file hosted on Dropbox, it will play in an embedded player.

For now, though, for PDFs I would definitely recommend the two-windows approach. (This even works on iPads with their Split View feature.)

Thanks for your response Luke. I found that the ability to see sheet music or hear an audio clip by linking to the cloud, in my case OneDrive, was a perfect solution for me, While the same things could be done in separate window outside of Strum Machine, it’s much simpler to use the link capability that you’ve provided.

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Still hoping for this feature! i.e., ability to paste images into the Notes section.
For Example:
This morning I was doing “Off to California” but not so sure I had the melody right. Looked it up on YouTube: Off to California or The Humours of California - Bing video
which helpfully showed me the lead sheet/melody line. I’d love to paste it into the notes:

Also like to be able to paste the Chorded version, like this:


Yes, I really want to have the ability to add images too! Incidentally, I just recently came across some software libraries that should make this easier to implement than I’d previously thought, so it’s more doable than ever. Just need to finish some other features I’m working on first.

I’m curious how you feel about pasting the image into the Notepad (as one approach) versus uploading the image as it’s own thing (i.e, in References, although I may integrate that with the Notepad someday) which could then be viewed either in a floating window or below/beside the chords. Seems like an image upload (which could accept paste and drag-and-drop as well as files) might be preferable to pasting into the notes, but I’m not sure…

As for monospace font, I just realized that since the Notepad uses Markdown formatting, this is already available! You just have to put three backticks at the beginning and end of your text. So for example, this:

     4    5       1     4      2m     5        1
The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup


    4    5       1     4      2m     5        1 
The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup

In making that example, I see a big limitation of this strategy, which is that the font is not monospace while editing. So this would only work if you pasted the lyrics-and-chords from elsewhere. Eventually, you’ll be able to edit in a WYSIWIG manner.

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I did not know about the back ticks. I’d been wondering for a long time how to get mono spaced font in notes. I was considering just using a custom stylesheet.
But not being able to see mono spacing in the editor is not intuitive. I’d rather type what I want in an editor with monospacing and then paste it in between the back ticks to get what I want. I’ll have to experiment with that a bit.

And personally, I’d prefer being able to paste an image directly into notes. That would allow you to position it where you want it to be. Usually uploading and image can result in unexpected image placement. I see this all the time on Banjo Hangout when people try to load images in forum posts.

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I’ll add a monospace font option to the Advanced Settings in the next beta release, at least as a temporary measure. UPDATE: Added in v380.

My thought with the images is not to have them within the notes at all. You’d see a little thumbnail in your References or Notepad (which, again, may be combined in the future) which you could click to expand. I need to do some sketching around this idea… but later.

So in the browser, would that open in a new window or another tab? By default I have my browser set to not open new windows. And then, what would a link to a photo do in the mobile app? Open in preview or photos?

I’m thinking that the image would be floating on top of (or optionally “docked” to the side of) the chord chart. Links in References to sites like YouTube behave like this, currently. You can drag the floating window around the page and resize it as desired. There could potentially be a button to open in a new window (which ends up being a new tab in most if not all browsers). In the mobile app, I don’t think I’d have a way to open an image in another app but I could look into that as an option. Most likely it would just open it full-screen temporarily.

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