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hi Luke

First of all: loving the new beta features, it’s just an absolute blast! Thanks so much!

Now I was wondering if it might be doable to add an overall pitch control. Example: I’m practising Josh Graves tunes on dobro, and he seems to be using quite a high pitch, like even 455 Hz. So getting to know the tune I have to tune up, and than tune down again to practise with strummachine… and up… and down…

Same thing goes when playing instuments that have a fixed tuning and may be slightly off pitch, like an accordeon.

Sorry if this has been asked before and I somehow missed it…

Thanks, Martine

I don’t know if it’s been asked on the forum, but it’s certainly been suggested to me over email. I believe it’s doable, just a matter of getting around to it. I’ve got it on my big list.

Glad you’re loving the new beta!

Thanks Luke, that’s great to know! I know your list is long though :slight_smile:

Put an MP3 or WAV of Josh into something like Audacity (free), digital recording software, then adjust the pitch to A440.

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Hi Martine,
David B. here from Rob’sResoRoom. Josh (and Rob) are tuned up a complete half step. So what I do, is tune my dobro up to his tuning and leave it there (I have one dobro, the metal one, it is built like a tank, that just stays at that tuning); if Josh’s song is in ‘G’ I just change the key of the song in Strum Machine to Ab. It is easy and works quite well. I also do this when playing my regular guitar as a dobro and tuned EG#BEG#B so the guitar is not stressed. I can play all the songs that I play on the dobro; I just change the song key in Strum Machine with one click.
I hope this helps. Have fun!

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Hi, thanks, that’s a good solution for the time being! In this case though, I’m following an online Rob Ickes course and he tunes up too, so… Ánd I do play some slightly out of pitch accordeons :blush:

Hi david,
I only saw your message aafter my reply to Douglas, sorry… That’s exactly the course I’m following!

I never did the math! I’m definitely going to try your suggestion, although I seemed to notice it wasn’t always the exact same pitch for each song, but even then… I’m not thát sensitive :blush:


You are welcome! Not always exact, but it gets you in the ball park!

For pitch control a great Chrome extension which works very well with youtube and will also work with Strum Machine is an extension called Transpose when using Strum Machine the only feature that is of any value is the pitch control. ( it has a transpose function but this is of no real use as Strum machine has that feature built in. FYI for the youtube functions, the extension has Speed, Pitch, Transpose controls, and you can set markers and Loop as needed for difficult areas you want to repeat. I felt youtube was a great tool to work on difficult pieces but Strum machine has really been a game changer for me. I think all the added features in the recent update are great. Keep up the good work. PS I think the Transpose extension only works in chrome on a PC or Mac.

I’m surprised and impressed that you found a Chrome extension that does this! That’s awesome.

I’m happy to say that I made progress on this feature in December. Been taking a much-needed break from development during the holidays but I will probably have a pitch control in Strum Machine sometime in January. It’ll be located near the master volume control at the bottom of the Audio/Mix panel, I believe.


I think the real benefit with the extension is within youtube or an MP4 file within a computer as it allows you to replay short parts of a video so you can concentrate on that part only without having to rewind and play,
The beauty with strum Machine is that if there is a short piece that you want to work on I just create a new song within Mine songs and play along to that short piece, 3 or 4 bars and then you can put the increase tempo on the song to build up speed within the piece.

So I have had arranger keyboards for 30 years and have built most of my own backing tracks and practice pieces and it was similar to strum machine as far as end result that the ears could hear except the keyboard could provide a bit more variety.

The thing that has helped me the most with strum machine is the visual follow along with the highlight of the chords as the song is played. When I started using this part of learning my concentration seemed to increase a lot. Can’t explain why but it’s great. I also really like the simplicity in the ability of finding songs from your Data base or being able to create my own in minutes. I also can play the strum machine on almost any device and not have to lug around a keyboard. PS I’m working on Scruggs style banjo.

That’s great! Yeah, I was surprised when I got early feedback about the helpfulness of the yellow highlight, but it makes sense and I’m glad it’s helpful!

Just want to make sure you (and anyone who stumbles on this thread) know about the “looping” feature, since it is an easier way to accomplish what you describe in most situations. You just click and drag (or tap and drag) from one chord to another, like selecting text:

Animation of looping a song

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Mark, you don’t have to make a graph just for a short piece to practice. Instead highlight the section you want to practice on the full tune. Then hit play. It will only play the highlighted section.

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The latest release of the beta version of Strum Machine lets you change the pitch/tuning of the audio. Now you can punk your friends by grabbing their device when they’re in the bathroom and changing A=440 to something else. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

How: Go to Audio/Mix in the right sidebar menu, then tap Adjust Pitch.

Let me know how it works for you and if you have any feedback!

That’s great! A big thank you, Luke!

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