Playing only A or B part

Is there some way to only play and replay, the A or B part of a song (or the melody or verse part)? For example, some of the B parts of a fiddle tune give me fits even though I have the A part down. I would like to be able to practice only the B part over and over again without having to go through the A part twice before I get back to B part again.


You could just create a ‘B’ part only (delete the A). Make a copy of the track. Or have the B part repeat 6 or 8 times, then have the A part play.

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Select the chords in the B part and StrumMachine will play the selected chords over and over


Yes, what Henri said! Just click and drag:

(That example is only repeating half of one section, but you get the idea.)


I had a similar challenge, I created an audio file of the strum machine tune and loaded it to my slowdown software. I am then able to loop and slow down or speed up as needed.

I have other baking tracks in audio format so it makes sense to keep them in one format.

Thanks everyone. I didn’t realize these features were available, but thanks to you all I found them. I can now annoy my family even more by endlessly practicing even shorter sections over and over and over again!

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The highlight to repeat a section is a great help. Has that always been available and i just missed it??

Since almost the beginning! But of course there’s no visual indication that it’s possible unless you try it or explore the help guide.

(I send out a “here’s some tips” email to new users that includes a hint about looping, but I started doing that only recently, after you signed up.)