Practice log

Would it be possible to have a page with a log of the songs played lately? I would love to have a practice log so after a session I know which tunes I played. I keep a record of those in a separate spreadsheet so I know when was the last time I practiced a song. If Strum Machine could have a page at least with the list of songs played in the last few days, it would be great! It doesn’t have to go back to the beginning of times. What do you think?

I had the same idea often. Just a file history as many other programs have -“recently opened files” or so. The last twenty or so. That would help.
@Luke: I spend quite a time recently to pimp my arrangements with the new guitar features in beta. Much fun. Great Job, thank you!

I use the “notes” feature to log date and tempo. Its a great way to track progress.

Yes, it would be cool if there was a “Last Played” date/time stamp on tunes that could be displayed when viewing them in a list

This gets requested now and then over the years, so it’s on my big list! I’ll likely look into it when I eventually tackle other list-related improvements like sorting-by-key (which gets requested even more).

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I just wanted to clarify that the original request is not really list related. The main thing would be a link somewhere in the menu to a Practice Log page. In there, you could see a log of what you have practiced:

Today 10/9:

  • Soldier’s Joy
  • Cherokee Shuffle


  • St. Anne’s Reel
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Thank you for clarifying. It’ll still involve a part of the codebase that is related to lists, so it makes sense to tackle them at the same time.

Yay! Sorting by key.