Presets and 3/4 time signature

Hi everybody, I wrote a song in 3/4 and I would like to have the “gipsy jazz” preset for back up, but the prompt tells me that there are no presets for 3/4 time. When I select a standard time tune all the presets are there. I can obviously create my 3/4 swing strumming pattern (not quite the same IMO) by using “guitar styles”, but is this something I am doing wrong or the presets work only on standard time? Thank you Luke, SM is evolving into a masterpiece!

Yes, different lists of presets for different time signatures, and I still need to add presets for 3/4 time.

As I understand it, there are a couple common strumming patterns used in gypsy jazz waltzes, and Strum Machine hasn’t really learned to do them properly yet. But you can do your best with what’s there for now in the guitar styles menu, and then save that as your own preset for 3/4 time.